Thursday, October 20, 2011

Everything Causes Cancer

To be honest, in early 2008 there was very little that I actually knew about Cancer. I had a Great Aunt pass away from breast cancer in my early childhood, and other then that what I knew was what I heard on the news. EVERYTHING causes Cancer. Microwaves, cell phones, certain foods, artificial sweeteners, the list is endless. So how do we prevent ourselves from getting Cancer? We eat healthy food, we exercise, don't smoke, limit our use of products that cause radiation, and use sun screen.

Vanessa has always been the picture of health. She always ate healthy, she exercised and was fit beyond belief. Even the use of a microwave was limited in her life style as most meals were always cooked on the stove or baked in an oven. Vanessa was someone I or any other person would least suspect of being diagnosed with Cancer. Between her and I, I should have been the one with cancer, I did not always eat right, I did not always exercise, and the microwave was my best friend.

Even though Vanessa did everything any person would do to maintain the bill of health, Cancer snuck up on her. She went from being the picture of health, to being over come by the disease that little is known about and everything causes.

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  1. Vanessa is in my prayers and thoughts. She has a great friend in you for sure. You will help her get through the worst times and be there for her. Kudos to you for sharing this with us. Having a positive attitude will help in the long run. Your a good friend!!