Thursday, May 17, 2012

1 year

Life was so amazingly great for everyone with Vanessa in Remission.  It was incredible, she was incredible. Such a rare and agressive cancer gone in less then 1 year.  She was healthy, active, and so alive.  She could ride 40 miles on her bike, and outswim me every day.  So of course the question came to mind, how long... how long before we knew her chances at staying in remission were great.  1 year.  At 1 year in remission the chance of a Relapse would be significantly decreased.

Easy right?  I mean 1 year... she got rid of the baseball sized tumor in less the 1 year, we could keep it gone for 1 year.  Her health after that fight and scare was amazing.. biking, swimming, hiking.  Giving me her flippers in the pool becaus I was tired, and she just kicked her little legs away with such ease... It almost seemed as though this second chance at life made her stronger... so 1 year... piece of cake!

I remember people often asking me how she was doing in her fight against Cancer, and I always responded with "Looks like she kicked it's ass.  She is Cancer free right now, no detectable Cancer cells, all labs are normal, and she is incredibly healthy and strong. The cancer left in less then a year, we can keep it that way for 1 year".

1 year.... Lord, just 1 year....

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  1. <3 So glad to see you sharing Her/ your story...Keep it up