Tuesday, November 8, 2011

"The Attitude"

Having a positive attitude took time to find.  Of course when first being diagnosed Vanessa was scared and angry.  She had the same question as everyone else.  “Why me?”

I remember one day particular in the beginning of treatment.  Vanessa was struggling with understanding why she had Cancer, and how long she would live.  She was certain at the time that it was unbeatable.

 I spoke with Ness on the phone early one morning.  She was in a bad mood and she didn’t want to eat.  She said she had no appetite and it didn’t matter any ways because she was just going to die.  I told her to knock that crap off right then and there and that she had to eat.  I offered to come over and cook for her and she didn’t want that.  I mentioned picking up breakfast from the Belgian Waffle Works.  That perked up her mood and she said “ok I could probably eat some of that.  I went and got her a Strawberry Royale Belgian Waffle and also brought her a book; The Last Lecture. 

 She enjoyed her breakfast, she didn’t eat it all, but she ate that was important.  She smiled and was happy to have some good breakfast.  I pulled out the book and gave it to her.  For those of you who have not read it, it is about a man who was diagnosed terminal.  His last lecture to his students it what he turned his book into.  He had a wonderful story and a positive attitude.  Although Cancer did take him in the end, he learned and left a lecture for others to learn from, to help others, and to help his family with his loss. Truly an amazing story.

 So if you still have a bitter attitude about your diagnoses with Cancer, it is ok.  The right attitude will come in time.  Even when the right attitude comes, the bitter one will show through… it happens, it’s normal and it’s perfectly ok.  It’s ok to ask “Why?” and it’s ok to get upset.  But also understand you are special.  You will learn and change so much from this disease, and because of it, your life will become better, you will live to the fullest, and appreciate everything you have had before this Cancer, and the blessings to come.  Finding the right attitude, the attitude to survive will come!

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